28 junio 2012

22 - it's all blurry from now on






He descubierto que tengo que llevar las gafas si quiero sacar las fotos medianamente enfocadas. Mi astigmatismo ya está lo suficientemente avanzado para que enfocar los ojos con las lentillas (soy también miope) sea cada vez más difícil. Vamos, que me doy cuenta que no me puedo fiar para nada de mis ojos... excepto para leer y escribir, lo que es muy curioso, la verdad.

I've discovered that my astigmatism is getting quite bad, and my contact lenses only work for my myopia, so I need to wear my glasses if I want to, more or less, focus my camera... It's a very strange thing knowing you really cannot trust your eyesight anymore, and, at the same time, I also find quite funny that, actually, reading and writing are the only things I can do comfortably without glasses. 

This pictures are randoms from one of the latest rolls, all from walking around the city (including a metro station and a protest).

Agfa Vista PLUS 400

5 comentarios:

  1. Pues las fotos han quedado estupendas, me gustan especialmente la primera, la cuarta y la última. Bsos

    1. Son las que enfoqué por casualidad XD! Gracias!

  2. Oh I can subscribe to that, I actually need glasses because my eyes are everything but perfect but I hated the idea of wearing glasses so I never got any and, thus, never got lenses. which means I walk around seeing just enough so people don't think I'm blind, but comfortable is far away from that... makes your possibilities feel strangely restricted.

    however, your photos are as stunning as usual, I really love the way you manage to pin down moods!

    1. thank you! <3

      I wear glasses since I was 13 because I couldn't see the blackboard. I don't really mind wearing them.. but if I wear them while taking pictures I keep hitting the glass with my camera XD which is ridiculous!

    2. (I logged off before I was done)
      ... it's also a very curious thing operating with those limitations, right? You create a whole new set of working routines.


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