12 abril 2012

Map of a World (05)

Unas semanas de internet, in english, si lo quereis en castellano, solo decídmelo

I've read about this photos as being inspired by Jules Verne and Mark Twain. I see where it comes from, the young kids, those enormous and alien looking caves... the whole series of pictures are absolutely georgeous, innovative and original. My god, I'm in love with his talent. And I want the book for sure. Moonmilk by Ryan McGinley. [Via Miss Moss]

Correspondencia is a magazine from Argentina that focuses on literature and art. His maker is Juan Ignacio Moralejo and the magazine has been selected by the MoMA show Millenium Magazine. It looks stunning, I'm sure the contents will be as good as they look. I'm actually dying to get hold of one of those two numbers but as the move has let me a bit short of ready funds, I'll wait till I'm a bit more solvent. [Via Erik Heywood]

You know how, ususally, fairy tales were scary as hell? Before Disney intervened I mean, and transformed everything in saccharine. Well, Emily Carroll delivers back that creepiness in scary little comics, like the above pictured, The Prince and the Sea; wonderful fairy tales.

I first heard of Edward St Aubyn by an Allan Hollinghurst recommendation. Now, I'm reading wonderful things about the Patrick Melrose series as At Last (the final book) has just been published, and I'm just *dying* to get my hands on the first volume of which they are making a new paperback edition, I pre-ordered a copy and I'm just waiting for the publisher to just *send it* (by the way, I find incredibly interesting the fact that I'm really attracted to these novels and the New Yorker article linked above compares his prose to Anthony Powell's... and I'm reading Anthony Powell just now).

If you like typography, this experiment by Tien-Min Lao explores the relations between upper-case and lower-case letters. With her hands. Is an extraordinary visual reflection.

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