05 marzo 2012

Map of a World (04)

A collection of things to like, learn, watch and read (from a few internet weeks).

She's just an amazing woman, honest and real. (Via Tomboy Style)

사랑한다 (Come Rain, Come Shine) by Yoon Ki Lee. Nominated to the 'Goldener Bär' in 2011. The original title is a variation of "I Love You" (saranghanda). A love story, even when it seems it's not. I enjoyed it a lot. It's quiet and domestic, and very rational and civilized but they are breaking at the seams.

Makoto Kagoshima pottery is just lovely. As I'm moving to another place I'm obsessing over everything house related. So my usual love for pottery and ceramics is now a bit out of hands.  (Via All The Mountains)

Sara Cwynar is an artist after my own heart. I like everything she does, her ideas, her inspiration, her art theory, and how she actually delivers all that. This is her Documents on Private Life, as she says: 'Color coded still lifes found in homes. A collection of secrets. Imagery from Interior Design books. Real interiors. Diaries. Public/private juxtaposition.'

Mini Book Rec: Alpha Decay has just published El Tunel, a short story by Frederich Dürrenmatt. I finished the book in a few minutes and it's downright *scary*, maybe even more so because I love trains.

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