28 marzo 2012

12 - A sunday on my own



A whole life of being fussy about food does not disappear easily, and I'm still very particular about some things: I *hate* (with all the passionate burning of my soul) to have lunch alone, that's why some weekends I go on my own at some restaurant I know I like or that I'm going to like. It seems a contradiction, I know, but my mind is a contradicting place, so the reasoning is actually sound... for me that is. This is the Meatpacking Bistro, and I love their food. There's not a picture of my eggs benedict because I was so famished that I polished them in about five minutes.

As an aside, these were the only pictures I liked from a whole roll of film, I'm not sure what I did wrong, the colors are terrible and a few of them even look seriously scratched. Well, I'll keep on trying.

Arrow Argenti 400

8 comentarios:

  1. Esa bebida tiene una pinta espectacular, y no solo por la calidad de la foto. Mmmmm...

    1. Era uno de esos zumos que tienen mil cosas (ya ni me acuerdo cuales) y estaba RIIIICO! XD

  2. But... is that your town?
    Is that restaurant in Barcelona?
    Eggs Benedict?
    Are you feeling the roaring of my stomach?

    1. Es un restaurante en Barcelona, si. Bastante nuevo y por la zona pija, pero esta bueeeeeeeeeeno!
      Creo que si que oigo ruido a tripas...

  3. I like the idea to go in a beautiful place to eat what we like.
    I like the idea to be surrounded with a beautiful light to eat eggs Benedict.
    And I like this juxtaposition of photos !


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